Padarth, IIT Bombay is the leading Annual Technology festival of Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science. It was founded in 2007 to provide a platform for encouraging interactions and invoking innovations for those involved in the field of Materials Science. Padarth also provides a platform to present ideas and technologies in professional manner. With events ranging from workshops to competitions we are back this time with more in the cabinet.


Materials Science is full of things which involves the discovery and design of new materials. People who are really enthusiastic about materials science and have an urge to explore this field are gladly welcomed by Padarth to participate in tremendous fascinating competitions. This year we are back with a whole lot of fun and enlightening events in our cabinet, which will blow your minds. So get ready to be surprised ,stay tuned and like our page on facebook to get updates of the events.


This year Padarth IIT Bombay presents you a new series of workshops. It'll be a very good opportunity for you to explore and learn during these workshops. So get ready to be amazed as we will soon release the details of the workshops on our social media pages and the website.